CIRCLE & PIT Lasertown TERRA Takeover

Presented by Lasernut and PRP Seats



Saturday, April 9th, 2022


Lasertown, Johnson Valley OHV, KOH Area



  • Off Highway 247 Boone Rd. Entrance
  • Follow Signs to Lasertown
  • Drive 2 miles down Boone Rd. to "Green" (Pistachio Rd.)
  • At intersection, drive straight .5 miles, then go left
  • Drive .38 miles to Lasertown entrance




Download the app and search “Lasertown TERRA Takeover Loop”

CLICK HERE to download the app




Respect the Lasertown rules:

  • No guns
  • No glass
  • No nails
  • No driving over the berm
  • No driving over 5mph
  • No fireworks
  • No fire pits/open flames
  • No climbing palm trees
  • Leave no trace - pack in, pack out


Drivers Meeting Talking Points:

  • Main goal is to SAFELY keep moving along the loop with no unnecessary stops.
  • Safety is the number one concern. Be aware of your surroundings, vehicles, bystanders etc. Please wear any safety gear that you brought with you. Carry a fire extinguisher.
  • Lead car is the point. When the lead car leaves a spot that everyone has stopped at, everyone is to follow suit. If you don't leave when the lead car leaves, you're on your own. Lead car will be announced at the Drivers Meeting.
  • In the event of a NON-SERIOUS break or part failure, you are to pull off the trail and contact for help from the Pit (Lasertown). The rest of the group will not be forced to stop. Anyone is more than welcome to stop and lend a hand, but the group as a whole, will keep moving.
  • In the event of a crash, rollover etc. The group will stop to make sure the driver and occupants are safe, and ok. Make sure all fuel cutoff switches have been activated and step away from the vehicle. Anyone or everyone is encouraged to help with said vehicle and occupants. Once the group as a whole feels safe to continue and the crashed vehicle has support in route to their location, the group will continue on the loop. Anyone is welcome to stay with any crashed vehicles and occupants until support has arrived.
  • Turn on your chase lights, if equipped. It WILL get dusty. No tailgating.
  • The mapped out loop is more of a guide than a set route. There are tons of different lines to take while out there on the trail. Feel free to take any line you wish to stay out of the dust, drive side by side with a buddy etc. please stay safe and be cautious of your surroundings when doing this.
  • The loop is accessible to every vehicle and most will make it through no problem. With that said, please try your best not to pass each other. If you do, please do it safely and on a different line than the vehicle in front of you.
  • Keep an extra close eye out for TERRA media people along the trail and during any group stops.
  • Have radios turned on and dialed to the channel provided during the Drivers Meeting.
  • Have fun. Don't be a jackass, and don't die. 
  • Don’t want to play by the rules? F*&% around and find out. 




Tell everyone you’re coming out!